Work Experience (2005-2007)

Radio Frequency Barcode Systems
Software Engineer/Developer
Software Engineer

As a Software Engineer my role included the design and implementation of software solutions for our clients developed in embedded C, and VB .Net. I was primarily responsible for the development of the Warehouse Management system, and associated device controllers on the portable, wireless handheld scanners. In this role I collaborated with client representatives and business users,to identify and resolve business workflow issues. Worked on and oversaw each phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) analyzing requirements communicating with developers, and vendors to create unique solutions.

  • Conducted knowledge management sessions on process optimization and quality management
  • Implemented Business Change Process with customers to consume new technological solutions
  • Delivered Warehouse Management Solutions into client sites increasing pick and delivery efficiencies, reduced order delivery errors
  • Provided advanced Hardware and Software support for remote clients